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Suzuki Method

Shinichi Suzuki was born in 1898. He studied violin in Japan before going to Germany in the 1920s for further study. After the end of World War II, Dr. Suzuki devoted his life to the development of the method he called Ability Education, also known as the Suzuki Method.

Dr. Suzuki’s goal was to go beyond the development of professional musicians. He affirmed that “Musical ability is not an inborn talent but an ability which can be developed.” 

He aimed to nurture loving human beings and help develop each child’s character through the study of music.

Some of the features of the Suzuki Method are:

Parent Involvement

Parents attend lessons with the child and serve as “home teachers” during the week. 

Early Beginning

The early years are crucial for developing mental processes and muscle coordination.


Listening to music every day is imperative, especially listening to pieces in the Suzuki repertoire.


Constant repetition is essential in learning to play an instrument. 


The child’s effort to learn an instrument should be met with sincere praise and encouragement. 

Social Component

In addition to private lessons, children participate in regular group lessons and performance.


Pieces in the Suzuki repertoire are designed to present technical problems to be learned in the context of the music.


Children develop basic technical competence on their instruments before learning to read music.